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Group Leader


Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad

​Lecturer - Chancellor's Fellow

​Department of Civil and Environmental EngineeringUniversity of Strathclyde

My research interests are ocean renewable energies, climate change impact assessment, wave modelling and climate, soft computing methods and numerical modelling, extreme events, coastal disasters, and coast/shore protection.

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PhD Students


Vicky Martí Barclay

University of Strathclyde (2023-2027)

Topic: “AI-Based Approaches for Ocean Forecast and Development of Ensemble Ocean Climate Data”

Bio: my background is in oceanography and marine renewable energy. Before coming to Strathclyde, I was a researcher in ocean renewable energy at Bangor University for nearly 3 years. I love being in (and on) the ocean doing water sports but out of season you’ll mostly find me in the forest doing orienteering. Webpage

MSc Students


Elaine Bramwell

University of Strathclyde (2023-2024)

Topic: "What physical processes underlie multi-hazard risks and cascading impacts relating to storm surges and coastal flooding in the UK?"

Bio: A Geo-environmental Technician with field and lab experience in the environmental sector, along with a Quality Engineering background in manufacturing. I am studying the MSc Environmental Engineering course on a distance learning basis at Strathclyde whilst working. Currently interested in investigating the physical processes underlying multi-hazards and cascading impacts relating to storm surges and coastal flooding in the UK. 


John-Luke McWhirter

University of Strathclyde (2023-2024)

Topic: "What are the likely future impacts of climate change on existing and future offshore renewable assets across Scotland?"


Industry Project (CK973) in collaboration with Intertek: "How has the frequency and intensity of storms changed over time across Scotland and which offshore renewable assets are the most at risk?"

Bio: Aspiring Environmental Consultant interested in offshore wind generation and energy policy. Currently studying towards an MSc Sustainability & Environmental Studies at the University of Strathclyde.


Tariq George King

University of Strathclyde (2024)

Topic: "Can Remote Sensing be Used to Track Sargassum Brown Tides?"

Bio:  Though I am an ardent enjoyer of nature and random things, my passion is to understand how the natural and anthropogenic environments interact. I have over 6 years of experience in GIS technologies and Remote Sensing as well as a BSc. in Applied Environmental Geography and currently undertaking the MSc. Environmental Engineering program at the University of Strathclyde. 


Owen Fitzpatrick

University of Strathclyde (2023-2024)

Industry Project (CK973) in collaboration with Intertek

BSc Students


Faye Van West

University of Strathclyde (2023-2024)

Topic: “How does the ocean climate change over the long term, and at what rate”


Adam Akram

University of Strathclyde (2023-2024)

Topic: “Sustainability of Ocean Renewable Energy in a Changing Climate”


Ph.D Students:

  • Sadaf Ismail (2021-2022), Kyoto University, “flooding as a natural disaster in west Asia and its relationship with ocean phenomena and climate change”

  • Ke Deng (2020-2022), Kyoto University, “Heatwave analysis in east Asia and climate change impacts”
  • Yi Wen (2019-2022), Sichuan University, “wind and wave energy potential in China Sea and its sustainability”

  • Mohammad Javad Alizadeh (2017-2020), K.N. Toosi University of Tech., “Integration of Bayesian Model Averaging with Copula to investigate climate waves”

  • Soroosh Zarghani (2014-2017), KMSU, “Modeling and identifying trends in the wind and wave climate”

  • Mohamad Reza Mohammadifar (2014-2017), KMSU, “Wave data assimilation in the Caspian sea” 

M.Sc Students:

  • Tahereh Alinejad (2015-2017), University of Tehran, “Climate change impact on sediment transport of Rajaee Port and its environmental assessment”

  • Arash Ghaderi (2016-2017), University of Tehran (UT), “Impact of climate change on sediment transport and its environmental effects in Anzali port”

  • Hoda Shahidian (2015-2016), UT, “Wave energy potential assessment in Nowshahr using SWAN”

  • Mohamad Bagher Khazeni (2013-2015), KMSU, “Climate change impacts on wave characteristics in Chabahar”

  • Reza Bagheri (2013-2015), KMSU, “Evaluation of wind and wave characteristics in Asalouyeh using SWAN”

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